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We are the Mechanical & Electrical (ME) Company that focused on Data Center, Laboratory, Networking and Telecommunication. We are an Authorized Distributor for GEA-DencoPrecision Air Conditioning System and FireProFire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems.

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Fire Extinguishing Aerosol SystemsPrecision Air Conditioning SystemData Center
aerosol fire extinguisher system, data center,Gea denco precission air conditioner


We realize that every company tries to give best services for its Customers, as likewise does companies specialized in Telecommunication, Banking, Education, Manufacturing, Reassurance, Mining, Laboratory, Pharmacies, Government Institution, Consultant, Contractor which has spend a lot of investment to make their tools or facility of support system better than before. And this followed with technical expert or operator which more and more skillful and often been trainee from overseas or place where the tools has been invested.

We want to be the best partner and which consistently support those companies. Therefore, we also have already made investment in area of working equipments, uniform, communication tools, safety, personnel skill, and support system which can be access continuously for 24 hours to make us reliable a partner..

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