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Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems – Precision Air Conditioning System – Data Center

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About US

PT. Matur Nuwun Nusantara was established in 1987, a company specialized on mechanical and electrical business :
a. Mechanical System
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation System
  • Service and Maintenance
b. Electrical System Electrical Works
  • Electrical Works
Since 1999 PT. Matur Nuwun Nusantara has decided to focus in :
  • Data Centre (ITC)
  • Laboratory
  • Telecommunication and Network


Here are some types of Our service (Project) that we do as our best service for you as a candidate for our client and some large and medium companies that has a relationship of cooperation with us
Based on Distributorship

  • Precision Air Conitioning System / Close Control
    Air Conditioning System
  • Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems
  • Gas and Smoke Detector

Based on Products in Relationship

  • Raised Flooring System
  • Power Management (Uninteruptible Power Supplies)
  • Structure Cabling System
  • Video Surveillance System & Access Control System
  • Preinsulated Piping System

Maintenance and Services System

Periodicaly maintenance and Service system to assure product function maximaly



Giving the best solution at anytime


To be the best Company in service quality

To keeping that, we keep trying to improve the ability in services, responsible in handling problem, giving the best solution to every person, right on time, and quick response to Customer

Main Goal

  1. Creating Customer’s high satisfaction for good services.
  2. Improving good quality services to Customer from time to time.
  3. Creating Customer’s high trustworthiness.

Maintenance Services Philosophy

  • Handling attentively of Customer.
  • Sleepless mindset (24 hours)
  • Measure the condition of machinery frequently and accurate.
  • Try to understand maintenance budget with easier way and friendly.

The best efforts from quality technical expert, full dedication in responsibility, work maximally, good performance, nice and clear communication, hope the Customer will always feel comfort and get high satisfaction.

Office Address

PT. Matur Nuwun Nusantara

  • Jl. Tebet Dalam IV D No. 24
    Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12810
  • +62-21-8370 2969, +62-21-8370-6316,
    +62-21-8300-811, +62-21-8300-812
  • +62-21-8313-360
  • marketing@maturnuwun.co.id
  • www.maturnuwun.co.id

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