Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Interior

data center interior - infrastructure
The Data Center (DC) room should be furnished with proper interior and furniture, some DC requires sound and fire-proof wall

Raised Floor

data center interior - infrastructure
A raised floor is a floor that is put higher than the existing one, usually used for Data center room for the purpose of wiring and/or cabling.

Fire Protection

data center interior - infrastructure
The Data Center (DC) room should be protected from fire and able to controlled remotely

Precission Air Conditioner

data center interior - infrastructure
Precision Air Conditioning is designed from the ground up to protect equipment, not people

Access Control

data center interior - infrastructure
Access control system is used as an identification to access a room. This system is required to validate, identify as well as to secure.

Cabling System

data center interior - infrastructure
Cabling structure system consists of 1 set of cable and connectivity product that integrate voices, data, video and various management system in a location

Racking System

data center interior - infrastructure
In order to keep the servers and other IT devices in the rack remain in a good position and conditions, a secure and strong racking system is highly required, some are design to be sound proof

UPS System

data center interior - infrastructure
A sudden death of electricity could cause the damage of power supply and even more the loss of data being used and broken system file.
aerosol fire extinguisher system, data center,Gea denco precission air conditioner

SMS System

data center interior - infrastructure
There are many corporations who are using SMS for simple messaging, communication, CRM, e- commerce and transactional based applications.system in a location.

Remote Management

data center interior - infrastructure
Remote management system is a system that can manage the IT device remotely, from anywhere and anytime


Hardware Infrastructure

Desktop PC

A desktop computer is a personal computer (PC) in a form intended for regular use at a single location, as opposed to a mobile laptop or portable computer


There may be some limited storage on a blade server, and there may be additional storage provided by a chassis.


Server is a computer designated to run applications, often under heavy workloads, unattended, for an extended period of time

Imaging & Printing Prod.

Printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copy of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as paper or transparencies.


Network Security Services
data center security system


integrated network to adapt for your current and future business need. Networks may be classified according to a wide variety of characteristics:
  • Switch
  • Router
  • Wireless
  • Network Analyzer


In computer networking, bandwidth management is the process of measuring and controlling the communications on a network link:
  • Bandwidth Managemen
  • WAN Optimazion


Network security consists of the provisions made in an underlying computer network infrastructure.
  • Firewal
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Anti Spam Appliances
  • Content-control software / Web Filtering
  • Proxy Server
  • System Management

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