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Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel ADR-3000

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The fire alarm control panel, the ADR-3000 is a state of the art fire alarm control panel. Based on Telefire’s firecom technology and using intelligent analog addressable techniques, it monitors and controls output devices, offering the very best in capacity, capability and reliability in fire alarm systems.

The ADR-3000 bridges the gap between conventional fire alarm systems and large analog addressable systems, enabling small fire alarm installations to benefit from the latest technologies at a very cost-effective price. Furthermore, an ADR-3000 fire alarm system can supervise a wide range of smoke, heat, gas, and multi-sensor detectors, call points, alarm bells, automatic extinguishers, etc., offering an outstanding ability for quick response to dangerous situations.

The ADR-3000 controls and supervises each addressable device individually, including alarm level setting for each and every detector, as well as conditional operation for any output device. In fact, any logical manipulation can be performed on any device that is connected to the system. Events, including time and location details, are stored in the system’s memory and may easily be observed on the large user-friendly LCD display, on a PC monitor, or hard copy printout. Any abnormal condition in one of the system’s devices will be displayed in detail, including alarm, trouble, maintenance alarm, and other data necessary for alarm or servicing purposes.

The ADR-3000 fire alarm system capabilities can be enhanced by connecting two or more (as many as 32) control panels located in one or several buildings in a peer-to-peer network, thus expanding the ADR-3000’s capacity beyond 508 addresses up to 16,256 addresses. Each control panel on the network can respond to alarm and trouble events that have occurred in other control panels. The ADR-3000’s internet-enabled features allow it to provide fire alarm control panel monitoring over LAN, WAN, or Internet using a standard web browser or Telefire’s proprietary TCS-3040 software, and distribute alarm and trouble events via a built-in web server, e-mail notification and SMS paging.

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