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The configuration of the fan in the raised floor minimizes air-redirection losses and saves up to 61 % in power consumption over conventional coldwater systems. Larger filter surfaces and the resulting reduced pressure drops, enable longer maintenance intervals. – See more at:

Benefits from new unit configuration and component optimization
The large 6-tube-row high performance heat exchanger, made by GEA, was optimized by our engineers for minimal pressure drops. It has been designed to achieve greater output – or, at the same output, more energy-efficient media temperatures.
Optimization of components through which water flows – such as heat exchangers, valves, and piping – has likewise drastically reduced waterside pressure drops. Since the fans in this configuration exclusively pull air over the unit, its enclosure is not under pressure – and demonstrates great air tightness. This avoids leaks.
Service access from the front enables very simple maintenance work.
– See more at:

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